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Past MRWF Speakers & Events

Luncheon Speaker
Wed. April 24, 2024
11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Location:The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA

Speaker: San Rafael City
Police Department Officers

Topic: Current Policing Issues in Marin –
What You Want and Need to Know!

Marin Republican Women

Given the past couple years’ onslaught of haters’ broad brushes painting cops in a way that defies logic, calling for Defunding of our Police, it is reassuring to see that the majority of citizens are regaining their sanity and recognizing the need and value of our nation’s law enforcement officers. Not enough stories highlight the compassion, courage, and dedication of our police officers and first responders.

The April lunch speakers are two officers from the San Rafael Police Department, who have agreed to give us an inside glimpse of what is happening in our community and answer some of our questions.

For instance, after our fundraiser for anti-trafficking last year, what is the status here in Marin? What about the increasing number of homeless, and what is helping or hurting the problem? Drugs? Housing? Has the massive amount of illegal immigration through the southern California border impacted Marin? Are local thefts increasing and what safety precautions do they recommend? What are some challenges that police officers face? How can we support our local police departments? And hopefully we will learn the positive aspects of working in law enforcement, and some happy ending situations that they encountered in the course of their work. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Elise Vitale 1st VP, Programs

Wed. March 27, 2024
11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Location:The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA

Speaker: Dr. Caralina Kvalstad, D.C.,
Healer, Coach, and Chiropractor

Topic: Standing Tall

Marin Republican Women

Oh, my aching back,” a comment often made after sitting at a computer for hours, working in the garden, babysitting grandchildren, or just years of slouching. As we age, the goal of staying pain free and healthy seems more challenging. But we all agree, life is better enjoyed when we are pain free and healthy. Stand up, stand tall!

Our March speaker, Dr. Caralina Kvalstad, is a Healer, Coach, and Chiropractor who uses an integrative approach that individualizes every patient’s treatment. No two patients have identical issues, so drawing from multiple therapeutic methods, she can best serve patients. Dr. Kvalstad’s sessions may include Chiropractic Care, Craniosacral Therapy, and Massage Therapy. By combining these different practices, her integrative approach serves to treat a patient’s health problem more effectively.

Standing tall is a key. Come learn what we can do to improve our health, maybe even learning how we can avoid that “Dowager's Hump” and work out that “pain in the neck.”

Elise Vitale 1st VP, Programs

Luncheon Speaker
Wed. February 28, 2024
11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Location:The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA

Speaker: Marin Candidates –
Meet Them, Ask Your Questions!

Topic: March 5th, Primary Republican Candidates -- Get Ready to Vote

Marin Republican WomenOn March 5th we will have the opportunity to cast votes for the Republican candidates competing for various positions within our state. There is a Congressional seat in the D.C. Swamp with two brave Republicans vying for the opportunity to represent us. There is a contest between two Republicans for the California Assembly seat currently held by Damon Connolly.

And closer to home the Marin County Central Committee (Marin GOP) has 32 people on the preliminary ballot to become a Central Committee member from the five Central Committee election districts. These districts can be fairly cut up so some of us may not even know in which district we live.

If you are not familiar with all the qualified people willing to represent the Republican Party, this is an opportunity to further identify and ask questions that are of concern to you and your family.

It is important that we use the primary elections to put the most qualified and likely to win candidate on the ballot in November. Educating ourselves on the options helps assure that result.

Join us. Meet your Marin candidates who are on your ballot. Discuss the pros and cons – to vote early by mailing in, or do you vote in person on Election Day at a Vote Center.

Election day is Tuesday, March 5th. If you vote in person at a Vote Center, ask for a “Vote Center Ballot”. Leave your Mail-In ballot at home. Why do this? Because your vote will be counted that night and be in the reported vote count by midnight March 5th.

Elise Vitale 1st VP, Programs

Luncheon Speaker
Location:The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA

Speaker: Ben Wolinsky, Coalition Chair of Marin GOP Central Committee

Topic: Getting Your 2024 Candidates Elected – How You Can Do It!

Marin Republican WomenDid you ever wonder the purpose of the Marin County Republican Central Committee? And how does it relate to the members of Marin Republican Women Federated and other local Republican political groups. Do we operate together, does the Central Committee have any influence over the local Republican clubs? Just what is its purpose in the hierarchy of California Republicans.

According to its website, the Central Committees exist to mobilize and represent the Republican Party membership in issues of local importance including fielding candidates for local Boards and statewide elections, raising funds, increasing registration, voter turnout and reaching out to key related groups. Our January luncheon speaker, Ben Wolinsky, serves as Coalition Chair for the Marin Republican Central Committee. He will be working hard this next year to assist the various local Republican clubs to become active in the campaigns of our Republican candidates. Ben is also a delegate to the California Republican Party. As an attorney, Ben specializes in constitutional litigation.  He has a BA from Duke University and a JD from Georgetown Law. A Marin County resident of Mill Valley with his wife and daughter (a second daughter is due next month) Ben has good reason to work towards electing conservative members of school boards and local councils.

Elise Vitale 1st VP, Programs

Luncheon Speaker

Marin Republican Women

Come join Marin Republican Women for a Christmas and Hanukkah celebration!!!
Bring your holiday cheer!!

Sunday, December 3rd
Location: Loch Lomond Yacht Club,
95 Loch Lomond Drive Unit 200, San Rafael, CA 94901

$30 per person

Light buffet and desserts provided

No host bar
Deadline for RSVP is Tuesday, November 28th

Wed. Nov. 15th
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA

MRWF Election of Officers of the Board for term 2024 - 2025 and Swearing In MRWF Woman of the Year 2023 Award presentation

Speakers: Mark Basta, President of UC Berkeley College Republicans

Topic: College Republicans and How They Are Preparing for 2024

Marin Republican WomenBerkeley College Republicans is one of the largest and most active student run organizations at UC Berkeley and is the largest College Republican organization in the state of California. Berekely College Republicans offers Berkeley students the opportunity to have truly civil and open discussion of the issues of the day. Find out how they plan to strengthen their club and strategize for 2024.
Mark Basta, our speaker, is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science and Data Science with a concentration in comparative politics and public policy.
Mark's family moved to the U.S. from Egypt, escaping religious discrimination in an economically failing state to pursue the ‘American Dream’ after the Arab Spring. He has been involved in state and local politics as the Vice Chairman of the California College Republicans and the President of the Berkeley College Republicans, fighting on Berkeley's campus against the campus’ indoctrination efforts and leftist agenda. He has experience in political science research with Coptic Solidarity in Washington DC and the Institute of International Studies/Center on the Politics of Development at Cal Berkeley.
Join us in welcoming Mark. Get ready to ask questions and get answers.

Luncheon Speaker

Wed. September 27th
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

Speakers: Tief Gibbs and Chris Coulombe
Our Republican Primary Candidates
for U.S. Congress, District 2 California

Topic: Meet Your Candidates – the Primary Election is in just Six Months!

Marin Republican Women
Tief Gibbs is the only candidate in this race who is vowing to prosecute crime secure our border, protect our 2nd amendment, fight to have development decisions be made locally, return homeless service funding back to charities and individuals, expand dams and reservoirs, an provide for parental school choice.
Tief is a California native. She lives in Novato with her husband of 12 years. Together they run a classic car restoration business in downtown Novato. Tief is president of Novato Republican Women, Federated and is on the board of the Novato downtown business association. She is the mother of two adult children and holds an economics degree from San Diego State University Website:

Marin Republican WomenChris Coulombe was born and raised in Sonoma County. He enlisted in the military at 18 as a private and returned home 16 years later as a captain. Chris led the Army’s Pacific Pathfinder platoon, which specializes in reconnaissance and recovery of sensitive information in enemy territory.
When Chris returned home to Sonoma County, he built a statewide logistics and distribution company serving the cannabis industry; co-founded a trade association that helped pass legislation critical to small businesses; and worked with state administrations in Sacramento on taxes and rights of California’s cannabis businesses.

Fundraiser Luncheon Meeting

Wed. May 24th
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

Topic: Building Relationships to Thrive as a Young Conservative in College and Beyond
Speaker: Kenzie Stingley

You Are Invited!
Marin Republican Women

Join us! Have fun raising scholarship funds. Our Marin students submitted essays and want our support to attend the 2023 Young America’s Foundation events at the Reagan Ranch.
Diane Tallen, 1st VP, Programs Committee

Reservations: $ 42         RSVP Deadline Friday, May 19th
Unable to attend?
Donate here:

Luncheon/Speaker Meeting

Wed. April 26nd
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

Topic: A Closer Look at CRT: Critical Race Theory or Communist Radical Takeover
Speaker: Orlean Koehle, Author, Teacher and Past-President of California Eagle Forum
You Are Invited!

Marin Republican Women

She is a prolific Author and a consummate Teacher. We asked who can give us current and key insight into this CRT topic that is plaguing our schools and communities? The answer is Orlean Koehle.

Orlean Koehle and her husband raised six children. She returned to her love of teaching in Sonoma County, California, which she did from 1992 until 2010 when she retired to have more time to write and speak about her books. Her husband is an administrator at Sonoma State University, and they live on acreage outside of Santa Rosa. Orlean has served as a leader in several state and national organizations: such as Boy Scouts of America, President of Concerned Citizens of Sonoma County, Parents Involved in Education, Sonoma County and California State Eagle Forum and Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated.
She is the author of more than fourteen books.

Education issues:
- The Golden Rule School & Its Book of Quotations: Character Education is a book you should have on your shelf.
- Common Core, A Trojan Horse for Education Reform Orlean published several books in 2020.
- Unmasking the Masquerade, the Pandemic for Loss of Liberties and Turning the World Upside Down
- Lifting the Mask on Black Lives Matter and Upholding the Thin Blue Line.
- Why the Electoral College
- The Rigged System - Widespread Election Fraud in the USA.
Join us for insights that are key to discussing Critical Race Theory with each other, our friends, and families.

Diane Tallen, 1st VP, Programs Committee

Luncheon/Speaker Meeting
(The Speaker Unfortunately Had to Cancel)
Wed. April 26nd
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

Topic: ACES – Curricula that Celebrates All!
Speaker: Elina Kaplan, Co-Founder of Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies.
You Are Invited!

Marin Republican Women

Angry about CRT (Critical Race Theory) being taught in our schools? Ready to learn about a group of over 10,000 parents, teachers, grandparents, and other community members who work together to support a constructive approach to ethnic studies curricula.
The group is Black, Asian, Latino, and Caucasian, and spans the spectrum of political affiliations. The leadership is all unpaid volunteers. They donate time and money because they are committed to the mission to remove narrow ideological agendas from Ethnic Studies, enabling curricula that inspire mutual respect, fight racism, and celebrate ethnic accomplishments.

ACES believes that Ethnic Studies should:

  • Empower students to dream big, overcome challenges, and be motivated, engaged community members.
  • Build mutual respect, self-confidence, awareness, intergroup understanding, and empathy.
  • Elevate ethnic groups, their backgrounds, and contributions without denigrating others.
  • Openly and honestly address racism and discriminatory treatment.
  • Present a range of political perspectives and approaches to bringing about change, including strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Equip students with the skills to understand and analyze multiple points of view on relevant topics, so that they can develop their own opinions and present well-articulated, evidence-based arguments.

    Diane Tallen, 1st VP, Programs Committee

  • Wed. February 22nd
    11:30 am to 1:00 pm
    Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
    350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

    Topic: Censorship in the Covid 19 Era
    Speaker: Dr. Michael Hartnett,
    Specialist in Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease
    You Are Invited!

    Marin Republican Women

    Dr. Michael Hartnett is a Marin County native who has been involved in politics since an early age. At age 17 Michael matriculated at UC Berkeley and majored in Biology before going on to St. Louis to attend medical school. After graduation he returned to California and completed an Infectious Disease Fellowship at Kaiser in Los Angeles.

    His career has included hospital consulting, urgent care, and the evolving world of HIV medicines. He currently practices part-time. He has been a dedicated Republican volunteer since 2002 when he worked to help recall Governor Gray Davis. In 2006 he was the Republican nominee for State Assembly. He currently serves on the Marin GOP Central Committee and contributes frequently to various publications.

    Since 2020 Dr. Hartnett has become increasingly concerned by the rise of censorship in the world of science. Will patients receive the care they need and deserve if medicine is forced to conform to a narrative? Are rigorous scientific protocols being followed? What is the true cost of censorship in medicine?
    Please join us and Dr. Michael Hartnett to learn about how censorship is impacting all of us in the era of Covid-19.
    Diane Tallen, 1st VP, Programs    - Programs Committee

    Wed. January 25th 2023
    11:30 am to 1:00 pm
    Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
    Topic: What I Learned Running as a Republican in California
    Speaker: Peter Coe Verbica
    2022 Candidate for State Board of Equalization District 2

    You Are Invited!

    Marin Republican Women

    Peter Coe Verbica is a fifth generation California rancher, an MIT graduate who has always been happiest on the back of a horse, an investment banker, a published author and a dedicated Republican.

    In 2022 Peter Verbica added “candidate for public” office to his very long and impressive resume. Against the advice of many friends, he became one of the public faces of the Republican party in California by filing papers to run for a partisan office; Board of Equalization District 2.

    He beat a Democrat in the Primary to become one of the top-two finishers who went on to run in the November 8, 2022 General Election.

    In that General Election he earned over half a million votes in his district. In Marin County he outperformed Brian Dahle, our Republican candidate for Governor. And yet, he lost. But he did not lose heart and he learned a lot along the way about fundraising, bureaucracy, the media and the reality of our modern election system.

    Please join us and Peter Coe Verbica to learn about what he learned on the campaign trail. We can use those lessons in 2023 as we prepare the groundwork for the elections in 2024.

    Programs Committee
    Reservations: $36 members, $38 non-members
    Lunch Choice: Bay Shrimp Salad or Chicken Marsala with vegetables

    Sunday December 4th 2022
    Christmas Party!
    Hanukkah Party!
    (We're Having a Party!)

    Kick Off the Festive Season the Right Way --By Celebrating with Some "Right Thinking" Women!

    (Don't Worry, Men Are Welcome Too! Everyone Is Welcome, You Can Even Bring Your Libertarian Cousin!)

    We're having a party at the Loch Lomond Yacht Club!
    11:30AM - 3:00PM
    Location: Loch Lomond Yacht Club
    Marin Republican Women

    You Are Invited!

    A buffet Sunday lunch! Sandwiches, cold-cuts, cheese, shrimp... maybe some dessert? No host cash-bar (with a very friendly bartender-bring cash if you want a glass of wine or a Bloody Mary), soft drinks included. Three hours bayside at the yacht club. Plenty of convenient free parking. ADA accessible. The more the merrier! Actually, we have a strict hundred person head-count. So, if you want to come --make your reservations early! We want to make sure there is food (and space) for EVERYONE!

    Please join us!

    11:30AM - 3:00PM
    Sunday, Dec. 4th 2022
    Loch Lomond Yacht Club
    95 Loch Lomond Dr.
    Location: San Rafael, CA 94901

    "Only $30 per adult, $10 per child!"

    Please R.S.V.P. as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    You may also call 415-492-2514
    Sarah Nagle, 1st VP, Programs

    Wednesday, October 26, 2022
    11:30 am to 1:00 pm
    Location: The Club at McInnis Restaurant,
    350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

    Topic: Why the American State Still Matters
    Topic: Hard Facts Matter-A Businessman Looks at Politics & the Economy in the Era of “ESG”

    Speaker: Mark Hill, Strategic Advisor at SOTEC, Former Marin GOP County Chair

    Marin Republican Women

    Mark Hill is a veteran of the United States military and a UC Berkeley graduate. After serving his country honorably and graduating from Berkeley, he went on to intern with then Senator Pete Wilson. Mark has worked at a senior level in private business for nearly forty years. His impressive resume includes a four-year stint as Chair of the Marin Republican Central Committee. Mark now lives in Napa where he is a senior advisor at an environmental services company.

    While we are focusing on the election, we should never forget that political change is often driven by the business environment. Inflation and the looming crisis of our underfunded public pensions threaten our financial survival. We also now face the threat of “Environment & Social Governance” scores. While a mere twenty years ago businesses were judged on their profitability, today major companies are judged by how “woke” they can be. If your pensions are invested in the stock market, Environment & Social Governance could threaten your financial future. Please join Mark Hill and us to learn about the high costs of ESG.

    Sarah Nagle, 1st VP, Programs

    Speaker: Peter Kuo, Vice-Chairman of the California State GOP
    Topic: Why the American State Still Matters

    Marin Republican Women

    Peter Kuo has lived the American dream, and as a naturalized American citizen, he fearlessly and proudly promotes the ideals of the Republican platform. As a businessman, he understands that free competition, free enterprise, and fair dealing are a crucial component of American-style capitalism. As a dedicated Republican volunteer, he understands the importance of outreach and teamwork. When Peter first came to the United States as a teenager, he knew little about America other than what he learned watching television. The most important thing Peter knew about the United States was that our laws gave citizens the right to protest, assemble, and petition the government for redress of grievances As a matter of fact, that is why Peter ended up in America. Peter’s father had dared to protest the government in their home country and had been labeled a dissident. Peter adopted the name “Peter” while watching the evening news during the Reagan years. Fast-forward almost 40 years and Peter Kuo is now the Vice Chair of the California GOP. Please join Peter Kuo and us to learn about how we can move forward together.
    Sarah Nagle, 1st VP, Programs

    Saturday, July 16th 2022
    5PM - ?
    Dog Days of Summer
    Casual Picnic

    Marin Republican Women
    We traditionally take a break from formal speaker lunches and meet-the-candidate events in July, but we all need to socialize.

    We are planning a "bring your own" happy hour picnic and inviting all local Republicans to join us. And yes, you can bring your dog too! (Don't worry, even if you don't have a dog, you are welcome.)

    This is a casual event. We will provide water and water bowls (and maybe some dog biscuits) for the dogs. People are expected to provide their own snacks and beverages.

    The dress code is casual.
    The atmosphere will be friendly.
    The location is convenient.
    The cost is zero.

    Take Smith Ranch Rd. East off 101 toward McInnis Park and make a left hand turn into the parking lot by the docks before you reach the golf park parking lot.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact

    Sunday June 8th 2022
    New Day For Children Fundraiser

    Marin Republican Women

    To all our MRWF Members and their friends and family who donated to and/or attended our June 8th fundraiser on behalf of New Day for Children.

    Amazing!!!! We had over eighty guests and, because of your incredible generosity we were able to raise just over $35,000!!!!! With the full dollar-for-dollar match from the Quest Foundation, this event will result in over $70,000 contributed to New Day for Children to fund their important programs. You should all be very proud of your commitment to help these sex trafficked children as shown by your strong support for this event and this very worthy cause.

    We give our thanks to our MRWF Board members and to the New Day for Children volunteers who contributed to all parts of the success of this event. We also thank Judy Groesbeck, a past Board member, who stepped up to help. BIG kudos go to Terry Tallen, our auctioneer extraordinaire, who enthusiastically encouraged many of you to contribute at the event toward the many needs of these children.

    The results of our efforts far surpassed our expectations for this event. We cannot thank you all enough for joining us in contributing time and money to make this fundraiser a phenomenal success.

    Please let your friends and family who attended but who may not be on our mailing list know how successful this event was and how we value their participation. We are very proud to be associated with such giving, compassionate people.

    Many heartfelt thanks to all of you. Know you have done an extraordinary service to help these kids.

    Jane Maushardt and Diane Tallen
    Co-Chairman, Fundraiser for New Day for Children


    Sunday May 22nd 2022
    Luncheon/Speaker Meeting, Sunday May 22nd
    Topic: Meet and Greet
    Sunday afternoon dessert and refreshments by the Bay
    Location: Loch Lomond Yacht Club, 95 Loch Lomond Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901

    There is no charge for this event which is in-place-of our monthly luncheon and also our monthly Satellite club gathering. Please plan to donate your time and treasure to these candidates’ campaigns

    Local Candidates: Faye Bourret, Tief Gibbs, Colin Medalie

    California State Candidate: George Yang

    Program: Candidates will give you a brief summary of their platforms and then will chat with you and answer your questions. What are your issues?

    In the upcoming  June 7, 2022 Primary election two of these candidates will be on your ballot. Your ballot will be mailed to you on May 9, 2022; so you will have your ballot in your hands.
    • Colin Medalie for Marin County Supervisor District 5
    • George Yang for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    School Board candidates will start their campaigns in July. They will be on the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election ballot.
    Your local Women Federated clubs have two Members running for School Boards:
    • Faye Bourret for San Rafael City Schools Board of Education Trustee Area
    • Tief Gibbs for Novato Unified School District Trustee Area 4

    Non-partisan offices: All 4 of these Candidates are running for non-partisan offices

    In-person Luncheon/Speaker Meeting

    Wednesday, April 27, 2022
    Speaker: George Yang, Candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Topic: Why Education Matters Today and How We Can Fix the K-12 System

    George Yang is a father, a committed Republican, a “techie” and a committed education reformer, who is truly worried that our current public education system is embracing the totalitarian ideology he thought he was escaping as a teenager when he and his family emigrated to the United States from China. George attended a public high school in San Mateo before going on to college at Golden Gate University.

    For the past twenty years George has juggled the responsibilities of his tech career, fatherhood, and community involvement with his political activities. In 2012 he was a Republican National Delegate. He also served as Vice Chair of the Young Republicans of San Mateo before becoming the 2016 Trump Campaign County Captain for San Mateo. With two school-aged children, George has become increasingly concerned with the quality of the public education system, and he is now a primary candidate for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please join George and us to learn more about this crucial position.

    Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

    Location: The Club at McInnis, San Rafael, CA.

    Speaker: Lisa Disbrow, Educator, Activist & Curriculum Expert

    Topic: Topic: Rescuing Our Children From Political Extremism:

    Lisa Disbrow is a passionate and dedicated educator who has spent decades working within a system that has become increasingly more polarized, more politicized and less education focused. Now, after thirty years within the system, she’s willing to speak out about the harsh realities of the modern K-12 system. As a high school student in the Richmond Unified School District in the late 1960s Lisa witnessed the violent, racially charged riots that fundamentally changed the culture and politics of Richmond. Later, Lisa went on to study Spanish literature at Cal State Hayward and received an ESL and Administrative credential with a focus on K-8 students. For the past 34 years Lisa has been in front of the classroom. She has taught ESL to adult learners and kindergarteners. She truly believes that with the right teacher any child can succeed. Unfortunately, our school system has been hijacked by political ideologues and she now believes the best way to protect our children is to speak out against the abusive political agendas hidden behind innocuous labels such as “Comprehensive Sexuality Education,” “Social Emotional Learning,” “Critical Race Theory,” “Institutional Racism,” and “Culturally Responsive Instruction / Discipline / Grading / Classroom Management.” Please join us and Lisa Disbrow to learn more about the hidden agenda behind CRT, how politically infused curriculum is shaping and distorting the education system, and how we can fight back.

    Wednesday, February 23, 2022

    Speaker: Dr. Loretta Breuning

    Topic: Escaping the Herd Mentality

    Dr. Loretta Breuning, a noted academic, author, and expert on political correctness, cancel culture and herd behavior entertained and enlightened us with her personal story and insights into human behavior.
    For more information: About the Inner Mammal Institute and Loretta Breuning
    Replaced speaker Dr. Loretta Breuning after Tamika Hamilton's cancellation.

    Wednesday, February 23, 2022 (Tamika Hamilton unfortunately had to cancel)

    Speaker: Tamika Hamilton, Candidate for U.S. Congress, California District 6 unfortunately had to cancel.

    Topic: The New Face of California Conservatism: Competing Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Tamika Hamilton represents a new generation of California Republicans running to retake seats and districts Republicans have not been competitive in for a generation. Tamika Hamilton was almost one of the upstart victors of 2020. She ran against the incumbent John Garamendi and, as a political neophyte, come election day had 30,000 more votes than any Republican had gotten in that district since 2008.

    Until Christmas of 2021, Tamika was gearing up for another shot at unseating Garamendi, but the re-districting process re-cut the congressional district and, like the hard-working realist she is, Tamika pivoted to face the challenge of running against the incumbent Democrat Congressman Ami Bera in the newly re-cut District 6. To say that this race will be tough is an understatement. But as a US Air Force Reservist (who served 14 years on active duty), wife of a law enforcement officer, mother of 5 young children, and candidate, Tamika is used to facing challenges and always willing to get outside her comfort zone.

    Please join Tamika Hamilton and us to learn about the reality of competing in a tough district and campaigning as a modern conservative woman.
    Sarah Nagle 1st VP of Programs

    January 26, 2022

    Speaker: Gene Yoon, Esq., Candidate for California State Senate, District 2

    Topic: Solutions for California, Gaming Our Way to Victory

    Gene Yoon is a political neophyte running to unseat a political hack in one of the most geographically and economically diverse California State Senate districts. District 2 incorporates Marin, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Trinity, Humboldt and Del Norte counties. It is a combination of urban, suburban and rural areas with disparate needs and interests. To say that District 2 faces problems is an understatement – Wildfires – Lake County’s notorious meth problem – the state’s unwillingness to fix its water supply – PG&E not able to keep the lights on in the summer.

    Gene’s incumbent opponent, Mike McGuire, has been in elected office since 2004. In fact, Mike McGuire has been in elected office since he was in his mid-twenties. Unlike Gene, Mike has never run a private sector team and never had to face the deadlines and competitive fierceness that can turn a Reagan loving gamer kid from New Jersey into a problem-solving Silicon Valley lawyer.

    Gene Yoon represents a new generation of Republican and a “non-political” citizen-oriented approach to California politics. The American dream is still alive, Republicans can still win in California, and we need to stop playing the game of politics by the old rules and start playing to win, like a dreamer and a gamer.

    Gene Yoon represents a new generation of Republican and a “non-political” citizen-oriented approach to California politics. The American dream is still alive, Republicans can still win in California, and we need to stop playing the game of politics by the old rules and start playing to win, like a dreamer and a gamer.

    Sarah Nagle, 1st VP, Programs
    Find more information: Gene Yoon| California State Senate