Republican Women Federated

California Federation of Republican Women

The California Federation of Republican Women, CFRW, is organized to effectively communicate with the membership. We are the only state federation that is separated into divisions. Northern and Central Division are divided into regions while our Southern Division divides itself by counties. Each division has its own elected officers, standing committee chairmen and determines and sets its own policy. Policies are not in conflict with national (NFRW) and state (CFRW) bylaws.

CFRW holds board meetings not less than three times a year. Meetings are held alternatively in each division. State Board meetings are open to all club members who are encouraged to attend. The executive committee consists of seven elected officers, three appointed officers and the three division presidents. The entire board includes the executive committee, the chairman of standing committees, the president of each division and the Immediate Past President of CFRW. Every two years the Federation holds it biennial convention to elect new executive committee leadership.

CFRW is a volunteer organization, which is neither chartered by, nor governed by, the Republican Party at any level. The Federation exists to promote a politically informed public, stressing the principles and policies of the Republican Party, and to encourage the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active participation.

The strength of the Federation lies in the autonomy of the individual local unit. It is at the grassroots level that the women of the Republican Party find a source of year-round service and gain the education necessary for them to be effective in initiating political and legislative endeavors.

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