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In early May of 2020 as the Covid-19 “shut-down” literally shut-down most community events in Marin County the Marin Republican Women, Federated realized that our annual Memorial Day event would probably be cancelled at the local veterans’ memorial. While cleaning the stones and monuments in preparation for our wreath laying --we had decided that even without a formal Memorial Day Ceremony we would leave a wreath-- we noticed that the county groundskeepers had simply stopped maintaining the flower beds around the 7 separate monuments.

With a small socially distanced group of Republican Women volunteers and donated plants from various members’ gardens we planted and decorated the entire war memorial complex over the course of the Summer of 2020. What began as a simple project for Memorial Day expanded by the Fourth of July, by August we had committed to keep the plants alive through Armistice Day. We planted and maintained all of the flowers by the war memorial. We dealt with theft --9 separate planter containers were stolen. We dealt with a complete lack of assistance in any way from the county.

In the dry heat of a California Summer we had to carry water to the memorial every day in recycled milk jugs because the county groundskeeper didn’t even turn on the irrigation system. Public press for this project has been nearly non existent, our true reward has been early in the mornings when an older man walking his dog stops to thank us and remark that “it looks good to see it taken care of” and that a “million years ago he was a Marine.”

Now, nearly a year after we first made a commitment to “do something” at the war memorial our plants are thriving and successfully wintered over. There are geraniums and roses for the Afghan-Iraq stone, white daisies for the Korean stone, succulents and gazanias for Vietnam. Roses, daisies and succulents for the WWI Memorial, and beds of donated flowers for the other individual stones. This has truly been a labor of love and respect. To some it probably means a great deal… To others --especially in the kind of county where flowers are stolen off the graves of the dead, it is probably offensive that patriotism is respected and Republican Women exist. Regardless, we are pleased to have been able to keep living flowers in front of each monument —WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan-Iraq— for over a calendar year.

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Care Packages For The Troops

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